Greenway, as an ecological corridor between regions and between urban and rural areas, not only improves the living environment and quality of life, but also changes living habits and spreads low-carbon concepts. Here we have collected ten most beautiful greenways in China. Start to enjoy the beauty of nature now.

01.秦皇岛红飘带 Qinhuangdao Red Ribbon Park


Against a background of natural terrain and vegetation, is a “red ribbon” spanning five hundred meters, which integrates the functions of lighting, seating, environmental interpretation, and orientation. While preserving as much of the natural river corridor as possible during the process of urbanization, this project demonstrates how a minimal design solution can achieve a dramatic improvement to the landscape.

02.河北迁安三里河绿道 Qian\'an Sanlihe River Ecological Corridor


Sanlihe River uses landscape to revive and construct both existing and new city infrastructure; it is capable of reducing pollution, providing opportunity for urban land development, and serving ecological functions. Through two years of design and construction, this project has transformed this seriously polluted landscape back to its previous splendor as a scenic urban ecological corridor \'where reeds and locus flourish and water abundant with fish and soft-shelled turtles\'.

03.北京永兴河生态廊道 Yongxing river greenway in Beijing


Breaking through the conventional way of flood control engineering, Beijing Yongxing river greenway turns a seasonal urban drainage into a water resilient green sponge to retain and filtrate stormwater, meanwhile create an ecologically sound, productive and community building green infrastructure.

04.浙江浦阳江生态廊道 Puyangjiang River Corridor

浙江的“五水共治”是从治理金华浦江县的母亲河浦阳江开始的。 设计实践了通过最低成本投入达到综合效益最大化的可能,并为河道生态修复以及河流重新回归城市生活的设计理念提供了宝贵的实际经验。

A degraded 10 mile long river corridor, covering an area of 484 acres is ecologically recovered and transformed into a lush and high performing greenway that reconnects human beings with nature. This heals the physical and mental damage done to the local community, who have suffered the degraded environment for decades due to relentless development.

05.宁波东部新城生态廊道 Ningbo Eastern New Town Ecological Corridor


This project aims to build the continuity and integrity of the ecological corridor meanwhile fulfill the needs of the establishing communities surrounding the site. Oriented towards holistic ecosystem services, landscape is designed as a comprehensive ecological infrastructure to solve the urban ecological and environmental problems systematically.

06.台州永宁公园 Yongning River Park in Taizhou City


The scheme adopts the concept of “make friends with water” by purifying the river of Yongning River through a riverside green belt with purification function, thus it becomes the green lung of the Yongning River and restores the water quality of the river and riverside habitat. At the same time, it provides a place for gathering, leisure and fitness for people live in the neighborhood.

07.宁波象山滨海廊道 Xiangshan Esplanade Park of Ningbo


The project has created a beautiful landscape belt that runs through the Songlan Mountain Scenic Area, enriching the feelings of the tourists on the landscape. On the basis of protecting the original foundation, the design connects the former single beach with other coastal attractions to form a beautiful coastal landscape line.

08.海口美舍河生态修复 Meishe River Greenway in Haikou


The mother river of China's Haikou City has suffered water pollution for decades caused by sewage and non-point source pollution urban and suburban runoffs. The landscape architect lead the implementation of nature-based solutions to transforming the gray concrete river into a resilient green infrastructure and integrating the sewage treatment process into an ecological system that revives the river with clean water, rich lives, lush beauty, and social vitalities.

09.义乌滨江公园 Yiwu Riverside Park


The Yiwu Riverside Park is designed as a low maintenance working ecosystem that is flood resilient, able to remediate water quality, support native biodiversity, produce food, as well as provide explorative and rich recreational experience.

10.秦皇岛滨海走廊 The Golden Beach, Qinhuang Dao


Using various Regenerative Design techniques, a heavy eroded, badly abused and decaying beach has been ecologically recovered and successfully transformed into a well visited place, demonstrating landscape architects can professionally facilitate the initiatives of rebuilding a harmonious relationship between man and nature through ecological design.

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